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Ballet with Sandra Burnham


British born Sandra Burnham has fifty years' experience as a professional dancer, teacher and examiner of classical ballet. After a season as a teenager with the Royal Ballet's 'Ballet for All' program, she grew too tall for corps work and became a member  of the world famous Bluebell Girls troupe in Paris for seven years. She also worked as a Parisian high fashion model. Moving to New York, she worked  in haut couture modeling and then as a NBC-TV production assistant, whilst continuing her ballet training at the Youskevitch Studio. Marrying and returning to her native England, she opened and ran her own highly succesful ballet school in beautiful North Yorkshire for twenty years, during which time she became an international ballet examiner for London's Royal Academy of Dance. She has taught and examined in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the Carribean, Canada and the United States. Settling back in the States in 1998, she has mounted productions of "Graduation Ball" in England, GA, FL and MD and of  "The Nutcracker" in CA, as well as teaching summer schools, intensives, and coaching for Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP).

Her teaching is noted for its careful combination of technique with interpretation, and for her disciplined care for and compassion with her students.

She can be contacted by email - sandraburnham@aol.com and by cellphone 803 467-7295

Ballet with Sandra Burnham