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King James





 & I


 a program created to mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown, Virginia,


James I                     


 1624. Towards the end of his long reign  - 60 years as Scotland’s monarch and 21 as England’s ruler - old King James is revoking the Virginia Company Charter in order to make Virginia a crown colony. He takes the opportunity to review his eventful life: His murdered father, his estranged and tragic mother (Mary, Queen of Scots), his difficult and dangerous childhood, his marriage to Anne of Denmark, his dealings with Witches, his possession of England at Gloriana’s death, surviving the Powder Plot, his patronage of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, the problem of the Puritans, the genesis of the Authorized Bible, the establishment of the 1607 Jamestown Settlement, Pocohontas at court, "that great Lucifer" Raleigh, Prince Henry and Prince Charles, and the murder of Henri IV of France – the brother monarch who gave James his cruel nickname. A chance to meet the first British ‘King of America’ in a program specially devised to mark the quatercentennial of the founding of the Yorktown Settlement in 1607. An accurate and amusing portrayal of the much-maligned "wisest fool in Christendom" by noted actor-scholar, Howard Burnham.


HOWARD BURNHAM was born and raised in England. He came to the United States in the 1998. He is of American descent. Six times great grandfather, Thomas Burnham, was an attorney in Hartford CT in the 1670s; three times great grandfather, Abner Burnham, served in the CT line in the Revolution and was pensioned in 1832. A namesake distant cousin was killed on day one of Chickamauga, commanding Battery H 5th US Artillery. Great Uncle had been a pony express rider and scout who served with the British in South Africa, where he was an influence on Baden Powell. King Edward VII personally decorated him with the D.S.O., President Teddy Roosevelt allowing him to accept it and keep his American nationality. 


 Fee negotiable. Details on request


 Howard Burnham 205 Charles Towne Court Columbia, SC 29209-3075 803 467-7267  howard_burnham@aol.com